What denier is the fabric on the boat body?

Denier is a term that refers to the weight of a single fiber strand in fabric.  Maravia uses material that is measured, instead, in ounces per square yard.  Raft bodies are manufactured with material that is 32 ounces per square yard.

What material is used to make my Maravia product?

Maravia manufactures its rafts using a woven nylon base with a PVC coating. Once assembled, Maravia “encapsulates” our boats in a spray-on urethane that creates an extremely durable finish.

How much air should I run in my raft?

The Maravia owner’s manual recommends that the main body and any thwarts be inflated to 1.5 to 2.5 PSI. If you have a self-bailing floor, the pressure should be 1.0 to 1.5 PSI. Please see your Maravia owner’s manual for adjusting the pressure in the floor for optimization in different load and water conditions.

How do I clean my Maravia product?

Warm water with inflatable boat cleaner, works well. A PLASTIC scrub pad or NYLON bristle brush is effective. Wash down the raft with clean water first. Remove all sand, grit, stones, and other abrasive materials that may have accumulated during use. Use soap, water, and elbow grease to clean and remove dirt.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE WIRE BRUSHES OR METAL FIBER SCRUB PADS on the urethane surface! Lightly abrasive cleansers, like soft scrub or small amounts of MEK, can be used sparingly. BE CAREFUL IN HANDLING MEK! USE A WELL-VENTILATED AREA!

What are the creases on my raft when I unfold for the first time?

Every material from PVC to Hypalon to Urethane will form marbling or indentations when your boat is rolled and folded up. These indentations will soften and fade away in the heat when inflated. Some may never disappear completely. They are not defects in the material and will not compromise the performance or durability of the boat. Other manufactures creases have only one layer of polymer. Your Maravia raft is unique because of our application of the sprayed urethane. An extra layer of urethane is added to a heavy-duty PVC coated material. Your Maravia has 2-3 layers depending on if the fold is in the textured portion of your raft. It is also typical that these are more noticeable in the darker colors. This is a natural part of any folded polymer material.

What are the small spots on my raft?

Maravia “encapsulates” our boats in a spray-on urethane that creates an extremely durable finish. Minor irregularities in the finish are normal and on every boat and are unique to this process. The heavy-duty PVC material which is the base fabric of your raft has a natural porosity as does all other raft manufactures material. You will notice this when you see a boat expand and contract when air temperatures change, or you travel and change elevations. When Maravia sprays the liquid urethane on this inflatable boat, air molecules are fighting to get out. This will cause bubbles that occur on the boat during the spray process. They are typically seen where parts are placed but can also occur anywhere in the body of the boat. We call these “birth marks” and every boat has them. They are few and they have no impact on quality, performance, or warranty. The urethane is added in multiple layers on the boat to provide bomber durability in an array of colors and designs that can be added to the boat.

How should my product be packaged for shipment?

Remove all the air from the product and secure the valves. Fold the raft and wrap it in a protective tarp or boat bag. A box or cardboard wrap is also recommended to protect the folded edges and corners during shipping.

How do I know if my Maravia product is under warranty?

Warranty periods are different depending on the intended use of the product. Products purchased after 2008 for individual, self-guided use have a warranty period of 10 years. Products purchased prior to 2008 or products purchased for commercial or outfitter operations have a warranty period of 5 years. Please refer to the Certificate of Warranty that came with your product.

Where do I take my Maravia product if it needs repair?

Your Maravia product can be taken/shipped to your nearest authorized Maravia Sales and Service Center or to the Maravia factory in Boise, Idaho. Contact Maravia at 1-800-TOP-RAFT to find your closest authorized repair center.

Who pays for the shipping on my repair?

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner.

What does a repair cost?

Repair costs vary substantially depending on the severity and complexity of the failure. In order to get an accurate estimate, the product must be returned to the repair center for a quote. We are not able to accurately guess at the work involved over the phone.

If there are gouges in the urethane on my Maravia product, do I need to patch it?

If the gouge is deep enough that your product is leaking, you should use the instructions and supplies in your repair kit to patch the gouge. If your product has suffered only a cosmetic mark, you can order urethane from Maravia to fill the gouge. You may get a few cosmetic marks throughout a season. You may want to wait until the end of the season and fill them all at once.

How do you apply a patch?

The secret is in the scuffing! Please see the repair instructions in your repair kit for complete details.

Is the glue in my repair kit still good?

Most glues have a 12-month shelf-life. Therefore, Maravia recommends that you replace the glue in your repair kit each season. If you are unsure whether the glue is from the current season, it is better to replace it. Please refer to the instructions in your repair kit to identify other items that must be replaced periodically.